bæst : 

from proto-germanic *bastaz – bast & rope & fiber

from middle irish basc – a necklace

the old english bæst – the inner bark of a tree from                                         which one makes rope – 

directly linked to the latin fascis – the root of both                                           fascism & faggotry — the question emerges,

how to untangle a bundle of historical coding ?

how to disinherit language ? in the name of a queer anti-fascism

bæst is as much a journal of queer forms & affects as it is rope / materiality / interiority that aligns & dislocates historical & present bedfellows, maladies, contagions, weather systems, language (non)families, orgasms, domains, states of exile and/or exception, (dis)identifications, dearths, bloods, guts, excretions, legibilities & illegibilities & illegitimacies & cavernous fields of feeling, landscapes of (be)longing, the rocks of queer inhumanisms & smatterings of matterings.