CA Conrad

This poem comes from "Resurrect Extinct Vibration," a (Soma)tic poetry ritual in 9 parts. The main ingredient involves inducing a trance by saturating my body with recordings of recently extinct animals while lying on the ground across the US.
Another ingredient is drawing the animals on index cards with request for correspondence, leaving them across the nation in laundromats, coffee shops, etc., and I reply as ghost animals. "Saint Francis Safe Passages" is an activist ingredient, writing to elected officials to convince them we need thousands of land bridges across the US-highways for animals to cross into safety. This is one of 108 poems resulting from the ritual.

CA Conrad  is  the  author  of  9  books  of  poetry  and  essays,  the  latest  is  titled  While  Standing  in  Line  for  Death  (Wave  Books,  2017).    A  recipient  of  a  Pew  Fellowship  in  the  Arts  for  Literature,  they  also  received  The  Believer  Magazine  Book  Award  and  The  Gil  Ott  Book  Award.    CA  is  currently  working  on  a  (Soma)tic  poetry  ritual  titled,  "Resurrect  Extinct  Vibration,"  which  investigates  effects  the  vibrational  absence  of  recently  extinct  species  has  on  the  body  of  the  poet  and  the  poems.    They  teach  regularly  at  the  Sandberg  Art  Institute  in  Amsterdam  and  their  books,  essays,  films,  interviews,  rituals,  and  other  publications  can  be  found  online here.